Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Wow, I am getting spoiled when I was thinking that the Bengals were doing a decent job of slowing down New England and only gave up 27, 34 points with a garbage time touchdown to Randy Moss. It looked to me for the first three quarters the Bengals were playing two deep safeties, big cushion from the corners and usually dropping at least six, and usually seven into zone to keep the Patriots from going long. And with the exception of an incompletion to Stallworth, and the interception that was supposed to go to Welker, this game plan forced the Patriots to go underneath. And that worked.

  1. Randy Moss's first touchdown catch is just unfair. The cornerback had good position, had his head around, and was forcing Moss to the sideline, and still he soars, plucks the ball and tiptoes in bounds. The second touchdown was just him outrunning a nickel back, that is expected.

  2. The Patriots did a great job of shutting down C. Johnson. Seemed like man under and safety help over the top for most of the game. TJ Huoshmanzadez had his catches and yards, but at least six of those catches came in dink and dunk situations in the 4th quarter where the Patriots were more than willing to trade points for time.

  3. The best news is that the Patriots have not sent anyone else since the season has started to the injured reserve list.

  4. The second best piece of news is that the Patriots are seeing two defensive starters come back soon -- Harrison this morning from his HGH suspension, and Seymour in two weeks from a knee surgery PUP recuperation time.

  5. When Vrabel is in the goal line package, the Patriots have a tendency to play fake to the opposite side and then float a pass to him as he runs a 4 yard square out route ---- This is an OBVIOUS PLAY CALL! Cover him!

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