Monday, October 29, 2007

Of course Ann Coulter is a hypocrite

by shamanic

You know, I find Rick Jacobs' outrage that Ann Coulter would be in a West Hollywood restaurant with a coterie of gay men attending to her slightly odd. Did he not realize she's a total hypocrite? She's a famous, outrageous woman who spends her time in the gay capitols of America - DC, New York, South Florida, and California. How could she possibly hate gays?

She fancies herself a comedy writer. I've seen at least a few interviews with her where she evaluates the relative merits of this or that with the simple "is it funny" test, and as a writer in a different genre who's also into making audiences laugh, I know the test well.

She says whatever she says to sell books and stay on the TV circuit. She believes none of it. For all I know she's a Democrat who gives money under a fake name to Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank. It wouldn't surprise me, honestly. She says the things that all those rubes in the heartland love to hear, and I'm sure she mocks them relentlessly in private. They're not her audience, they're her marks.

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