Friday, October 12, 2007

Not a bad run

First an Oscar, then an Emmy, and now a Nobel, not a bad run at all for someone who was supposed to be a perpetual political punchline.

I also think that the Draft Gore folks will continue to be disappointed as I just do not see him getting into the race despite the fact that I would quickly move from happily undecided to a Gore partisan as being President does not make a whole lot of sense politically if one assumes that Gore is passionate about both media disintermediation and environmentalism. It is the lurking threat of endorsement and a potential future run that serves Gore poltically. Another blogger (I wish I remember whom) wrote that as an outside heavyweight with significant activist, elite and rank and file support, Gore can create strong incentives for leading Democratic candidates to come closer to his prefered policy positions in order to continue to 'sideline' his credible threat to run. However if he enters a race, there is no political profit from converging with Gore's high salience positions within the Democratic primary electorate.

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