Monday, October 01, 2007

A new train wreck

I had been looking forward to a Newt Gingrich run for the White House as it would have been an interesting experiment to quantify the total American population of rubber neckers for car wrecks. His great inclusive rhetoric of calling anyone, including typical allies, evil, un-American scumbags would have been a hoot as he would have gotten buried in any general election match-up. However he is not running and I thought that would be the end of a political career for a brilliant tactical politician, mediocre historian and bad novelist.

We still might be able to get a good measure of the American rubbernecking population. Former Senator Rick Santorum, (R-PA), and loser to a wet dishrag by roughly 20 points is considering a run for governor if he moves his entire brood back into the state. He claimed during the election cycle a small house in the Pittsburgh suburbs that was consistently rented to non-immediate family members as his Pennsylvania residence despite getting a sweetheart mortgage deal for a house in Northern Virginia.

So if he was able to lose to Bob (no personality) Casey by 20 points and will have had another four years to say stupid things, I expect a good trainwreck in 2010. Pass the popcorn.

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