Saturday, October 06, 2007

My eyes glaze at news of Iran

by shamanic

I know my fellow bloggers at this site are not in this camp, but I've noticed that I have a peculiar reaction to articles about the war fever towards Iran: my eyes glaze over.

It isn't that I don't feel passionately about the issue. I see no gains to be had in doing anything beyond maybe destroying Iran's nuclear sites, and the dangers that go with that... blah blah. Even when I try to write on it, my brain starts to shut down.

In pondering this reaction, I think I've isolated the problem: these decisions are being made by people far away who long ago lost whatever trust I had to give them, and despite living in a democracy, I know that they don't give a shit about my opinion unless I agree with them.

I accepted a long time ago that my government would attack Iran at some point. I shook my head, said, "How stupid can you be?", considered the innocent lives that would be ended and the millions who would be swept up in the animosity that warfare inevitably provokes, and went on with my day.

Our government is run by madmen who are as inept as they are malicious. I take solace in the fact that history will remember this period of American global leadership with disdain, and hope to God it's viewed as an aberration and not the beginning of the end of America as a great power.

Does anyone else have this response to the dangerous games our leaders are playing these days?

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