Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Instahoglets October 17th 2007

Gun Toting Liberal —cuts to the chase in the contractor “debate”; there’s no debate and there shouldn’t be any contractors.

Brilliant At Breakfast —sums the conservative sensibility regarding SCHIP in one fell swoop.

Iran Affairs —“American Jihadists” have their uses, though actually posing a real threat isn’t one of them.

"New" Blogs to Consider

Geology Byotch—By mining Alberta province’s sands, the conservative Canadian government will be able to release lots and lots of oil. Also lots and lots and lots of CO2 in the process.
(Cernig suggested this blog--from brief examination it is both educational and entertaining)

Lady Insignificant—D Sidhe takes some exception to Frank Rich’s “Good German” essay with finely considered arguments. ( I "know" D. Sidhe from great comments at the very amusing World O'Crap). Hat tip to If I Ran the Zoo on the blogroll .

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