Thursday, October 11, 2007

Instahoglets October 11 2007

At Largely--goes a bit beyond other reporting on the Don Siegelman story and wonders if Rove has more to hide than just sleazy political tactics

Main and Central—The Marines new "iron" arrives--the V-22 Osprey--arrives in Iraq which is ironic becasue like Iraq its dangerous and it doesn't work and the Marines want to leave.

Kiko’s House---a great perspective from journalist Shaun on how the universal healthcare thing played out back when we had a real President, and how things might work (or not) come 2008.

If I Ran The Zoo—It's National Coming Out Day : Gay rights are religious rights--succintly argued.

Unbossed--The anniversary of H.R. 114, the tragically pivotal "any force necessary" resolution is being woefully ignored by those whom it benefitted. The rest of us however should NEVER forget it.

Tom Dispatch—A truly scary insight into what the security/industrial complex is planning for our future (I dedicate this to Libby).

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