Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Get up. Stand up.

By Libby

In contrast to Courtney Martin's piece that set me off yesterday, Christy Hardin Smith issues an inspiring call to arms today.

The one thing we cannot do is to stop fighting for what is right, what is just…for a more perfect union. The Founders of this nation of ours knew that tyrants and greedy SOBs were always going to exist, but they counted on us — the American public — to stand with one voice and say “enough!” when the tipping point had occurred and the wrongs became so excessive that they demanded being pulled back from the brink. We are at that point and beyond. We must decide: will we have the courage of our convictions, or slink off with our tails between our legs and foist this battle onto future generations?

I stand for liberty. And I intend to keep on fighting for a more perfect union. What say you?

That's the spirit. I'm in for sure. I've been fighting losing battles all my life, but I always go down fighting and heck, once in a while I even win.

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