Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fringe-wingers fire at Soros, shoot themselves in foot

By Libby

I talked about the lastest bout of SDS, (Soros Derangement Syndrome) here the other day. All the fringers had to see was the name and they pounced like kittens on a catnip mouse. Buckets of outrage at this shameless profiteering were immediately spilled. However the 'citizen journalists' once again find themselves mopping up raw omelets off their faces instead.

Steve Benen shows them how to fact check.
As it turns out, there are two big problems with the story. First, Soros sold off his interests in the company quite a while ago. Second, WellCare is actually run by Bush Pioneers and generous Republican donors.

WellCare CEO is Todd Farha and Finance Director David Hart both raised over $100,000 in donations for Bush’s presidential campaign, and were the two biggest fundraisers for Bush in Tampa.

The company’s partisan loyalties are pretty transparent.

WellCare and its affiliates have given the Republican Party of Florida some $105,000 in contributions this year, according to state election records. They’ve also given the Florida Democratic Party $5,000 this year. In 2006, WellCare’s PAC gave $66,000 to federal candidates, all Republicans.

For his part, Soros sold off his interests in 2006, before WellCare’s alleged improprieties.

Meanwhile, we're still awaiting word on the fringe mob 'citizen jouralists' investigations into the compostion of Farha's and Hart's kitchen counters, although early rumors indicate that their cabinets have glass fronts. Confirmation is expected just as soon as Ms. Malkin gets the opportunity to do a drive by of their residences.

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