Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Democrats or Dr. House?

by shamanic

I've never met any of my fellow bloggers here at the Newshog in person, but we often conduct lengthy e-mail exchanges between ourselves about random nothings (Libby really, really wants to ride in a blimp, for instance).

Anyway, today the group has been back and forth about our various lack of cable, our cable companies' unwillingness to carry MSNBC, and jobby conflicts (I no longer experience those) preventing us from liveblogging the debate tonight.

Strangely, though I think tonight's debate might be the first with real fireworks, the truth is I'd rather be watching House. So to you television junkies in the Newshoggers readership, which will you choose at 9pm: a bunch of Democrats or Dr. House?

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