Thursday, October 11, 2007

CNN smears with a smile

By Libby

Sigh. Do you remember when Ted Turner started CNN and we were so relieved to finally have a station that you could depend on for news? As in facts presented dispassionately that were put into context by research and live footage? I used to leave it on almost 24/7. I miss that station.

It's been a long time since I even bother to tune it in and drivel like this is why. Of all the sorry displays of mass stupidity that has surrounded the Frost family this week, this is perhaps the most egregiously imbecilic. Their resident talking head "experts" not only fail to treat the wingnut ragers as the irrelevant fools they are, but have the audacity to blame the Democrats for inciting their inhumane attacks by putting a human face on an abstract policy. According to CNN's "reasoning" it's the Dems fault because they allowed a deserving beneficiary of a widely supported program to tell his all too common story.

CNN in this segment tacitly implies that this is first time in the history of politics that a child has been used to illustrate a point. They completely fail to give any context by noting the numerous examples of the GOP doing the same or acknowledging that when they did so, the Democrats and the bloggers who support their policies didn't stoop so low as to swarm to attack the messenger. They neglect to mention that the emerging facts prove the Frosts are exactly the sort of working poor Americans that deserve the health coverage. This isn't reporting. It's pure partisan spin and it's woefully dishonest to boot. For that we could dial in Fox News.

I forget what CNN was supposed to stand for but clearly what it means right now is Certainly Not News. This is what media consolidation has wrought. We're never going to get honest reporting until we take the ownership of our entire media out of the sole grip of six or eight rich white Republicans. In the meantime, you might want to contact CNN and let them know what you think about their coverage.

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