Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Clinton joins Webb to block Iran strike

By Libby

Well, this is more like it. Via Taylor Marsh, no one can accuse Hillary of not noticing which way the wind blows now.

In March, James Webb introduced legislation demanding that the President seek congressional approval before striking Iran.

I've just learned that Senator Hillary Clinton will co-sponsor legislation with Webb and re-introduce it into the Senate. Exact language isn't available, but this is what Webb offered in March.
But as Steve Clemmons rightfully notes, it's not enough to Hillary to give lip service to this bill.

Hillary Clinton needs to apply her ascending political weight to the passage of the Webb resolution. It is not enough to just support a resolution and watch it languish. This is a measure that needs to be passed and sent to the White House to rob legitimacy from any conflict Cheney and his followers might engineer in the waning days of this administration.

Rightly so. It's time for the Democrats to draw a line in the sand and make the consequences of crossing it more than a just a one day flurry of tut-tutting in the news cycle.

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