Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Christians outraged that media ignores gays

by shamanic

Yeah, really: in my spambox this morning sits an e-mail from Donald Wildmon's American Family Association.
Big Media Ignores San Francisco Homosexual Event

Recently, homosexuals in San Francisco celebrated an event called the Folsom Street Fair. The organizing group claimed that 400,000 people attended the event.

The purpose of the fair was to celebrate "leather pride", a euphemism for homosexuals who indulge in sadomasochism, often called S&M. These people enjoy bondage, whipping, spanking and other perverted sexual practices.

People who attended the event reported that police backed off while the party-goers practiced oral sex, nudity, masturbation, and orgies in public.

My purpose in writing is to let you know that not a single Big Media outlet reported the event. Can you imagine another event, of any kind, which draws 400,000 people not getting a single minute or a single mention from Big Media? Let Fred Phelps, who complains about homosexuals, show up somewhere and Big Media is all over him.

But let 400,000 people celebrate getting sexual kicks from inflicting physical pain on another person and Big Media can’t be found.

Where Don and I agree is that gays have been neglected by the media for decades. Personally, I would prefer to see a little emphasis on certain facts like that lesbians and transpeople are grossly underserved in our healthcare market, but a start's a start. So you get the outrage machine all riled up, since I suppose you make a buck off of implying that Topeka will become the next San Francisco (Topeka can hope, right?), and maybe together we can get the media to give props to the amazing diversity within gay community, as well our community's needs. Thanks!

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