Friday, October 19, 2007

Blog Comment Of The Day

By Cernig

This one is too good not to share. From commenter Steve Duncan, in the thread of one of Kevin Drum's posts today, comes the best rebuttal I've seen to the rightwing bed-wetters who are so sh*t-scared of the SHaria Islamist Takeover that they will freely hand their own government powers the U.S. Constitution clearly doesn't intend it to have:
How do a few radical Muslims go about overthrowing the U.S. government? Then dictating to 300 million people of mostly Christian/Jewish/agnostic/atheist beliefs they're now going to live according to strict Sharia law? Somebody please help sketch out a scenario wherein that occurs. Commandeering 50 state National Guards would be a start I suppose. Seizing control of the entire U.S. miltary I guess would come next. Then demanding the entire populous turn in what is likely the largest cache of personally possessed weaponry on the planet would need to follow. Damn, three easy steps I guess.
Beautifully argued snark.

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