Monday, October 01, 2007

Bipartisan "In Honor" Fund Takes Off

By Cernig

My good friend Kyle Moore writes that the bipartisan "In Honor" fund set up by bloggers in memoriam to Sgt. Yance T. Gray, and Sgt. Omar Mora at Fisher House, who build homes for families near veteran's hospitals, has really taken off.
First, I've been in contact with family members from both men's families, and while I will keep much of what they have said private, I will pass along their gratitude to all of you who have played such an integral part to the success of this drive. We are currently sitting at $5,567, well over half way to our monetary goal, and we couldn't have done it without all of your help.

Considering that we weren't even sure we could raise a thousand dollars when we began, I now feel like anything is achievable. But to attain the unattainable, we need more exposure, more publicity, and more eyeballs on the prize. As a result, we're planning on going after even bigger fish in the media and the blogosphere. The problem is, a single email from me may not be enough to get their attention. So what we would like to see is as many people as possible sending emails to these big names and telling them about what we've got going on.

My hope is that with enough emails, we'll get through the interns and spam filters and we'll get the attention of those whom we seek to enlist in this campaign.

As a result I encourage you to read the following post, and help out in anyway you can.
Here's his post - in which you can find public email addresses for some prominent bloggers from both left and Right. Give them all a shake and ask them to get on board with this noble venture.

And here's the list of blog-backers to date:
Conservative Thinking
The Newshoggers
The Raw Story
The Agonist
Kiko’s House
Skippy the Bush Kangaroo
Froth Sloth B’Gosh
Crooks and Liars
Crooks and Liars #2
The Moderate Voice
The Jawa Report
Stop the ACLU
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
Positively Barack
2 Political Junkies
The Gun Toting Liberal
Deep Confusion
Quaker Orts
Outside the Beltway
Soul of the Web
Brilliant at Breakfast
Political Animal
Last Left Turn Before Hooterville
Blue Girl, Red State
What Do I know?
The Sideshow
The Impolitic
We at Newshoggers have been and will continue to be a part of this effort. We've been spreading the word around as best we can and urge you to do likewise.

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