Thursday, September 20, 2007

The wishful purging

by shamanic

Sometimes you read someone's writing, and it is so painfully naive that you kind of cringe. We've all written things like that too; we've all been there. That's how I felt while reading AJStrata's lament today about the wrong path Republicans have taken on immigration and the "hot heads" who lead the party.

I believe that Strata is calling for the purge of the Tom Tancredo wing, but he's loony if he thinks that most passionate bloc of Republicans is the one that's going to get the axe. This is a party that has managed to reduce its New England Congressional representation to one - the solitary Chris Shays. This is a party set on a suicide course through a generation of purges that have left it the party of southern white conservatives.

And I'm sorry, but southern white conservatives do not a party make (just ask Democrats). Strata says, "Tancredo and his ilk are on the way out. They cannot gain the support to win." The White House, no, but Tom Tancredo's a congressman from Colorado, a state renowned for other uniters like Marilyn Musgrave (R-Hatin' the Gays). Believe me, if there's something wrong with Kansas, there's something scary about Colorado these days, and it comes out in the peculiar folks elected from the Republican party there.

Unfortunately, these people are spiritual kin to the Mississippi GOP, which is really where the soul of the party has relocated. The south rose again, and it stole your party AJ. I'm really sorry about it. Try to purge the crazies, but trust me: those crazies are a lot more powerful than you are, and they aren't giving up what they've worked so hard to get control of.

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