Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Wingnut Spin Cycle

By Cernig

I suppose it had to happen. Wingnut blogger A.J. Strata - fresh from his apostasy of backing Bush's immigration bill and thus in a position of having to bolster his extremist credentials - thinks Alex Debat was a "well hidden mole, and enemy of conservatives pretending to be a conservative."
Did left leaning sources provide Debat important and sound information to wrap his liberal parrot-lines around? Is this Joe and Val Wilson 2.0, who worked with a Democrat candidate to tip a Presidential election based on CIA intel? Doesn’t the timing seem way to reminiscent to the Foley story last fall? I just find the whole thing way to pat and the timing too convenient.

A supposedly experienced terrorist consultant, exposed as a fraud, is now supposedly a conservative fraud? Is it too coincidental that this charlatan of expertise on terrorism is not only being exposed right now, but exposed as a conservative fraud as well? Is this going to be another round of “Bush Lied, People Died”? Was it meant to be all along!? One has to wonder where did Debat’s loyalties lie - with the far left or Bush and his will to win. Right now it looks like Debat was willing to surrender at any cost and feed the liberal conspiracy nuts - and that makes him look like a liberal sheep hiding out in the costume of a conservative wolf.
According to Strata, Debat spent six years writing conservative ideology at the Nixon Center and other places just so that he could unmask himself as a fraud and thus discredit the Surge.

It's a conspiracy theory worthy of the very best Troofer Award - especially given Debat's clear links to both paleo (Nixon Center) and neo (Amir Taheri and administration leakers) varieties of conservative.

But I predict it will be a popular meme over on the extreme Right, where reality is optional.

(Note - Laura Rozen is leading the fireld on actual investigation of the ABC/Debat situation.)

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