Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wingnut Outrageous Outrage - An Instahoglets Special

By Cernig

It's been a day of manufactured rightwing outrage in Blogtopia (tm-skippy) - small minds making big noises about small things.

There's the GOP sponsored resolution condemning a ad which was only inaccurate in its title. The wingnuts are acting as if MoveOn are the secret conspiracy behind the entire left of far-right political spectrum and on the Hill, Dem senators appear to be too scared of being called MoveOn puppets to do more than dance to the GOP's string-pulling.

There's the never-approved request for a vsit to the WTC site by the Iranian president and the approved plan for a Columbia Q&A session. Shamanic dealt with this in fine style this morning but I want to flag up Dr. Steven Taylor's moderate conservative response to wingnut wails - He wonders "why some think that we are so weak as to be unable to withstand this man’s presence and his words" and adds that "the whole thing (and the responses of various presidential candidates) just makes us look petty and frightened."

Dan Rather, in a rather sad gesture, is suing CBS and that gives crazies galore the opportunity to relive the glory days of the biggest MSM scalp they ever claimed. Dan should have figured out that it's time to throw the shovel out of the hole. However, this wouldn't even be major news if the Right didn't want to crow some more. Just don't ask them about the many times FOX and other Murdoch outlets have indulged in creative journalism, they aren't interested in perspective.

Then there's the possibly genuine or maybe not Kos diarist who says he doesn't support the troops. The Lizards loved that one - and uncommon kudos to Blackfive for a bit of nuanced thought.

These four stories are, essentially, gossip masquerading as political commentary. There's some ourageous outrage over actual real news as well though - and that requires some judicious application of blinkers.

At least the ongoing glee over Hillary Clintons fundraising problems is justified. Clinton needs to clean house and fast - and still the stink should stick. Unlike the wingnuts, however, most progressives are quite forthright about saying they don't want corrupt politicos getting their votes. I've yet to see a progressive pundit say Clinton's being set up for political reasons and the charges will doubtless turn out baseless - you know, like the wingnuts did with DeLay, Cunningham, Abramoff...

A Bin Laden tape claiming Al Qaeda has declared war on Musharaff - at a time when another tape has already been shown as fake and when dictator Mushie could really, really do with some sympathy from the U.S. - is suspicious as all get out. I'm going to give out unusual kudos (possible unique) to Gina Cobb for being the only wingnut to spot the possibilities, in spendid isolation from her wingnut colleagues. It hasn't occured to any of them that Pakistan's ISI intel agency has long had close links to the Taliban and AQ, has the technology to make these fakes and the network to release them, and desperately needs some reasons for foreign powers like America to back Mushie's bid to stay in uniform for his fixed presidential election.

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