Monday, September 10, 2007

Whither the Thompson Democrats?

by shamanic

Pretty sure we'd be much more likely to see Obama Republicans in 2008 than Thompson Democrats, at least in numbers reminiscent of Reagan. The question, having been posed, raises a far more potent specter, however.

As GOP candidates race to placate the Religious Right, they seem likely to find that's the only significant voting bloc left to them. This won't be my first warning, nor my last, of the impending political ghetto that Conservative Christians will find themselves wandering in after a few more elections. By marrying their extreme and divisive politics to their fundamentalist and exclusionary religious practice, they've created the worst of both worlds.

And people don't vote for the worst of both worlds. They vote for the pragmatic best. Sometimes, the two can be the same, but the GOP's run in that category is just about up, don't you think?

Isolating people of faith--and good faith, at that--from our public discourse serves no one. I have no idea why so many did it to themselves, but it's going to be a painful correction for James Dobson's army of vitriol when they find themselves removed from the process while the world continues to shift beneath their feet.

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