Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thompson's WOW factor

By Libby

The reviews are in and it appears he doesn't have one.
[He] is a bit dull. People are looking down, wearing somber faces. Some at the dinner tables have begun chatting and whispering during the speech. The majority who are paying attention are really looking for an applause line — perhaps, to put it harshly, for something that will keep them awake.

My high expectations for Fred Thompson were met with bitter disappointment tonight after listening to a boring and uninspiring speech that was more appropriate for someone running for president of the Rotary Club rather than president of the United States.

And those are from his fans. Now that the ballyhooed "savior" of the GOP has cast his bread upon the waters, it appears the people are finding it stale fare. As I've said from the beginning, anyone can look good with a script and multiple takes to get the delivery of the lines just right, but as an off-the-cuff speaker, the man just doesn't live up to his billing.

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