Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Stuff to read this morning

by shamanic

The papers have some good election stuff running this morning, including Slate's Is it time for Obama to panic? I'm thinking "no", but clearly his campaign needs to step it up. John Dickerson notes the transformation that Obama has undergone, from fresh-faced campaigner to a much more seasoned presidential candidate, and I agree. He's had his stumbles - the nuclear chatter about Pakistan was one that particularly irked me - but he's coming along.

I should probably disclose that I've pretty much settled on casting my ballot for Barack on Super Tuesday. Whatever "Super Tuesday" might be worth in this era of accelerated primary schedules.

So that's one Democratic voter they can add to their count list. No reason to panic at all...

At Attytood, Will Bunch makes a strong case for tasering lazy student journalists. I'm all for it. In fact, I think those adults among us who hang out in bars and coffee shops oughta have the right to tase at will when the frat boys show up. Seriously. Nothing spoils the party like a bunch of uber-entitled 21-year-old white boys. Get 'em Will. (He actually wasn't arguing that at all.)

The NYT, newly liberated from the oppressive capitalist tyranny it was living under, offers up a rather engaging piece on Mitt Romney's experience as head of the Salt Lake City Olympic Games. It made me think that he could make a decent president, but then again, the last six or seven years have left the bar so low that I'd happily vote for a cadre of muppets to guide our nation at this point. On that note, it appears that we can add muppets to the list of groups that George Bush doesn't care about. Oh yeah! I guess they don't vote Republican either.

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