Friday, September 21, 2007

The Sociopathic Hypocrisy Of The Murdoch Press.

By Cernig

My outrageometer just pegged. The mainstream media, especially Murdoch's noise machine (Jerusalem Post, London Times, FOX News, Wall Street Journal), can blithely accpet and condone dubious claims by senior administration officials - people in the public eyes, without blinking.

Yet when two Iraqi workers for the Brits asked the London Times to keep their names secret because they feared publication of their true names would endanger their families - the Times went ahead and printed those real names anyway.

As Kat, who brought my attention to this, wrote in her email - the callous disregard of the Times is like gleefully heaped like icing on top of an already appalling cake of a story.

The same callous disregard is being shown by the sociopaths of the xenophobic Right when they attempt to block and refuse Iraqis who have worked for occupation forces, along with their families, safe haven outwith Iraq.

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