Monday, September 24, 2007

Overnight Ponderings

by shamanic

Speaking of relativism... Wow, I'm genuinely not sure what's weirder: that some right wing blogs are (ever so softly) applauding Columbia University for behaving like an institution of inquiry, or that some right wing bloggers now appear to consider themselves guardians of the civil liberties of gay and lesbian Americans.

I'm just going to have to go to sleep. Maybe when I wake up in the morning, universities will be back to being the liberal bogeymen punching bags I'm used to and right wing bloggers will be back to pushing constitutional amendments to ensure I'm never quite equal to them. Then again, with a Monday like this, I'm a little nervous about what Tuesday will bring.

Still, kudos to Lee Bollinger for hammering Iran's idiot president. It's truly unfortunate that a modern, moderate, pro-Western society like Iran is saddled with such crap leadership - but on the other hand, maybe that's just one of the many areas of common ground that Americans and Iranians share.

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