Saturday, September 01, 2007

It's okay if you're a Republican... and your state's governor is a Democrat

by shamanic

It appears that Idaho and national Republicans have managed to convince Larry Craig to resign for the good of the party, which is to say that Idaho has a Republican governor to appoint his replacement.

What exactly did Craig do? Let's rewind the tape... According to police, Craig stood outside of an occupied stall in a men's restroom for approximately two minutes. Afterwards, he entered the neighboring stall and issued a series of coded toe-taps (I am not making this up) which were reciprocated by the arresting officer. Finally, and it's worthwhile to remember that this is the only physical contact of the entire event, Craig touched the arresting officer's foot with his own.

At the risk of pounding away on a blogospheric dead horse, let's talk about David Vitter, shall we? David Vitter has acknowledged having sex with prostitutes, and it appears to be common knowledge in both Washington and Lousiana and Jesus alone does not fill all of Vitter's needs. We're not talking coded toe taps or illicit ankle rubbing in a public place, we're talking about David Vitter hiring women to hold his penis in their vaginas (or wherever) for a little while.

But Lousiana's governor is a Democrat, while the GOP can count on Idaho's leadership to furnish it with a contendah! for 2008. Just goes to show, it's okay if you're a Republican, especially if your state's governor is a Democrat.

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