Saturday, September 22, 2007

Instahoglets September 22, 2007

Mahablog—Investors Business Daily hot tip! George Soros pays liberals to attack defenseless Generals and Commanders in Chief.

No More Mister Nice Blog—Bush didn’t quite steal the 2000 election, Sandra Day O’Connor gave it to him. Now she’s grumbling about the results—but out of earshot.

The Crone Speaks—The Blackwater incident is actually a chance for Bush to fulfill his most important Iraq promise—and he’s totally blowing it!

Another Point of View—mentarch has an excellent video report on Blackwater and two rockin’ videos (with lyrics).

At-Largely—A General is winning young Iraqi hearts and minds the old-fashioned way—you know, like before they started calling it abuse and what-not.

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