Thursday, September 20, 2007

Instahoglets September 20th, 2007

Agitprop—Darth Cheney has a friend! Make that HAD a friend. Apparently Alan Greenspan came out of hyperspace a little too quickly and finally said something right—Cheney disagrees. They can’t both be right!

At Largely--Larissa (no fan of Ahmadinejad) digs deep into the smoldering Ahmadinejad/Ground-Zero pile and finds that 9-11 didn’t change anything—least of all the Right-wing’s claim of convenient ownership.

Unbossed— Remember Abu Risha, who drove Al Qaeda out of Anbar and then got killed by them just as the “surge” was “working”? Well, actually…..just read this.

Anonymous Liberal-- records that the NSA hasn’t been engaged in warrant-less spying on US citizens since at least February (according to DCI Mike McConnell).

Comments From Left Field—The telecoms that enable Bush’s domestic spying risk lawsuits from acting illegally, so instead of saying not to Bush, they are trying to get the law changed.

Libertystreet— Reading Kathy’s analysis of the waste-of time-Cornyn Amendment is NOT a waste of time—it’s damn interesting.

Simply Left Behind—political reporters claim there’s no “clear cut” GOP Presidential candidate yet—funny, because he's right there!

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