Monday, September 17, 2007

Instahoglets September 17th, 2007

It's Constituition Day! And what is more Constitutional than the freedom of speech? Here's what our blogrollers are talking about:

All Things Democrat—The story of Giuliani’s military credentials is one that could fill one corner of a coffee-shop napkin. If you need ammo, here it is--be assured Giuliani's been carrying squibs.

Glenn Greenwald—discusses in some considerable depth the pros and cons of AG- nominee Judge Mukasey--with plenty of relevant links. (We generally avoid putting “A-listers” in our round-up as everyone know who they are, but Greenwald’s got the best and most useful post on this important appointment I’ve seen thus far).

Hootsbuddy’s Place—has an excerpt from Naomi’s Klein’s book The Shock Doctrine that pretty much explains the historical symbiotic relationship of fascist politics and “free-market” economic theory. I wasn't surprised, but I still found it profoundly scary.

Jon Swift—the "reasonable conservative" will accept any political ad, no matter how heinous. Freedom of speech? Not priceless, exactly--$65,000 will do the trick.

Liberty Streetkathy points out that former Clinton Sec. State Albright’s recent criticisms of current US foreign policy lack the moral authority and intellectual honesty they appear to suggest.

Total Information Awareness—Somalia, the Sudan and the Horn of Africa is the bastard child of Bush’s unholy marriage to Osama Bin Laden and the neocons. It will have its place in the near future, so start reading up on it now.

Whirled ViewPHK digs deep into the recent mysterious Israeli raid into Syria and how it is being played—and not-played—in the media and in political circles. No answers as yet, just questions about how this will all play out.

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