Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Instahoglets September 11th, 2007

Yesterday was a veritable "Petraeus-palooza" in the blogosphere and the media, whilst today is the 6th anniverary of 9-11.

I thought I'd start this round-up with less obvious, but not necessarily lesser topics. After all, we aren't all sheep.

All Things DemocratDoug Marquardt has a link to a 61-page list (with reference links) of local and national Republican scandals dating back to Reagan.

The Anonymous Liberal—intelligently slices and dices the largely-ignored but no-less important testimony of National Intelligence Director Mitch McConnell and discovers disturbing evidence of another possible end-run around FISA (and all that that implies and entails). A must read!

Another Point of View—If you feel like you are losing your mind, Mentarch brings the philosophical and social conflicts we now face (thanks largely to the Iraq conflict) into sharp focus.

Bastard Logic/Comments From Left Field—whilst the US has lowered army recruiting standards, the Canadians (despite the current conservative Harper administration) seem to be maintaining theirs.

Switching gears; Now what would September 11th be without a little exploitation?

Blah3-- succinctly highlights Bush's callow neglect with his own words. Let history be the judge--and don't forget!

Brilliant at Breakfast--Jill sorts through the wreckage and thoughtfully examines who really "owns" 9-11.

Connecting the DotsRobert Stein offers two pithy perspectives concerning the carefully manufactured confluence of 9/11 and the Petraeus “report”, both of which seem invisible to the experts of our current bankrupt establishment.

There's more to come...stay tuned.

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