Saturday, September 01, 2007

Instahoglets September 1 2007

By Britisher

In the words of Austin Powers, “allow myself to introduce…myself”. I go by the moniker of Britisher. Cernig has exercised his executive privilege and recess powers to appoint me as the new ‘The Instahogleter’.

My very first Instahoglets compilation comes strictly from the “HogRoll” who are an interesting bunch; smart, pissed–off and snarky, and yet with an endearing music and cat-loving (not in a weird way) side to them.

I’d hoped to keep things light and cheery, this being the weekend, but real reality confounded that plan. Still, it’s not all bad, just mostly bad. So here we go….

Remember how the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle (MRAP) was finally going to give our soldiers the protection denied-them by Donaldarmy you’ve gotRumsfeld? Well, ultra-qualified lurch at Main and Central does the follow-up that the ADD-afflicted “experts” in the traditional media constantly fails to do in Death of an MRAP—and provides some incisive context into the bargain (apparently he just can’t help being thorough).

On the economic front Pushing Rope found a simple, telling chart on government spending growth since LBJ that gives the lie to almost everything you ever heard from Republicans about their “fiscal responsibility”. Rope doesn’t actually write much on it (a bit of a shame but then I suspect Rope thinks it speaks for itself—which it does). I can see several very pointed posts being based on this—I wanted to do one myself, but I’m working on this instead. If anyone-else chooses to expand on it, give a hat-tip to Pushing Rope.

Why Are We Back In Iraq? blogs on a story from March of this year that touches on the current corrupt administration of our military, labor laws, immigration, corporate greed and extraordinarily a government department actually doing its job without political interference! Never heard of it? Clearly an underreported story (with tons of blog-worthy possibilities)--illegal immigration/employment is the last issue the GOP has left to exploit and this nugget would totally screw things up for them amongst their xenophobic "patriotic" base.
Don’t forget to hat-tip “…Back in Iraq?” if you use it yourself.

For the more philosophically-inclined I suggest World Gone Mad’sThe Future Of Conspiracy” who offers thought-provoking musings on what really epitomizes "crazy"--the people who think they aren't, but are, or the people who think they aren't crazy and have been proven not-to-be crazy, but are still called crazy anyway. To be read in a quiet space with a nice calming cup of tea—that’s my suggestion anyway.

Finally for a bit of much needed serious fun, guest-blogger Morbo at The Carpetbagger deconstructs William “The Bloody” Kristol in such a way that you’ll actually be amused instead of tempted to throw bricks at your TV or set fire to the nearest available object in a fit of outrage.

That’s it for now.

More verbose preambles than you are used-to I know, but if you’d just give me a Friedman Unit or six, I predict my strategy will result in progress that can be acknowledged in the spirit of bipartisanship, and we can all forget the past and just move on.

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