Friday, September 14, 2007

Fast Freddie Thompson

By Libby

I've spent the last week swinging between dealing with a family crisis and catching up with an old friend, so I'm just now checking the buzz but this strikes me as the snark of the day. Eli at FDL remembers what Freddie forgets and has an idea about the perfect job for the candidate.
Now, I won’t go so far as to suggest that Fred can forget rings around a world-class forgetter like Abu Gonzales, but it’s obvious that he has the exceptional, Olympic-calibre forgetting skills that a modern Republican AG requires. Fred is clearly a man who won all the forgetting bees he competed in as a kid, and was the star of his college Amnesia Bowl team.

Meanwhile, pikers like Ted Olson and Lawrence Silberman, while possessed of admirable partisan hackitude, couldn’t forget their way out of a paper bag. Not only that, but neither of them has ever played a District Attorney on television. The choice is clear.
Makes perfect sense to me. The rest of the post is more serious but I just loved that punch line. It made me laugh when so little does these days.

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