Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Betray Us" vs "The Stakes"

By Cernig

Word one - I think the title of the MoveOn "Betray-us" ad is tasteless, politically tonedeaf and an invite to the Right to focus on strawmen. Anyone who expects senior generals appointed by a president to be less than fully on-board with that president's policies and quite capable of advancing those policies, by misdirection and cherrypicking admittedly, all on their lonesome needs their head examined.


The sheer gall of Republicans in the House who have introduced a resolution condemning the ad is breathtaking.

These Republicans and their sycophantic cheerleaders obviously hope no-one remembers the RNC's ad from the last elections, The Stakes. It's message was simple - Democrats are traitors and if you vote for them you will die. The RNC isn't some netroots pressure group and fundraiser, it's the heart and soul of the GOP. It attacked not just one general but a large chunk of the American population - a larger chunk than voted Republican in those elections

I'm pissed at MoveOn because they, by giving their ad such a lurid title, have handed the Right a ready-made distraction from the paucity of Petreaus' and Crocker's testimony. But let no-one pretend that the Republicans have anything like moral high ground to stand on here.

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