Thursday, September 27, 2007

And gay people are funny, too!

by shamanic

Hi, my name's Stacie and I'll be your gay blogger for the day...

Over at Dan Savage's place, he's documenting the billion variants of Da Vinci's last supper (you'd think that Jesus himself had painted the damn thing) as a follow up on the Folsom Street Fair gay panic that is sweeping the mailing lists of Christian-outrage fundraisers.

Props to Dan's commenter Issur, who twists all of this week's craziness around into the most profound and funny foreign policy statement I've read in a while:
Dan your tone is off on this one. Right now it's Iran that is anti-homosexual. That's why Israel and America are going to attack Iran - to install a pro-gay regime. This is the message we're trying to get out. Isolate Iran, humiliate Iran to soften American public opinion for the invasion Iran.

Please stop reminding everyone that much of America is anti-gay too! It will imply the American and Israeli military should enforce a pro-gay regime in America. That's not going to happen.

Attacking Christians is always good, especially the lunatic hypocrisy of the Christian religion. It shows that Judaism is better, Israel is the shining light of Judaism. But right now we've got to make Iran out as the most anti-gay country in the world, showing how anti-gay much of America is will confuse the message.

Remember - America should attack Iran because Iran is anti-gay. America supports pro-gay regimes the world over. The sound bite is that simple.

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