Tuesday, August 14, 2007

World military chiefs in secret conference

By Cernig

I'm late getting started on blogging today. My apologies but I have a Doctor's note. Don't worry, I'll catch up.

Here's a quickie to mull over. A super-secret meeting of military chiefs from various nations which took place last week in Australia.
It has been revealed that 19 chiefs of army from around the world met secretly in the Australian city of Sydney last week to discuss the changing face of military operations.

Attended by military leaders from the United States, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation was told the meeting was considered too risky to be made public.

The chief of the Australian army, Lieutenant General Peter Leahy, says the group discussed the new types of missions that armed forces now have to carry out.

"We were able to talk in a very constructive way, how to make sure our people can do those important, but perhaps less likely, [types] of conventional operations," he said.

"[We] now turn our hand to those things that are happening with seeming increasing regularity - disaster and peacekeeping and peace support and counter terror operations."
That's it. The entire and only report I've found on the event. I wonder if there will be anything more said, perhaps in a Congressional briefing, about exactly what secret "new types of missions" were discussed?

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