Friday, August 03, 2007

Sanders Blocks Bush Budget Nominee

By Cernig

Bernie is right on this one. Enough of the playing at bipartisanship with a White House that isn't interested in anything except its own way. Make them sweat for every nominee.
President Bush's nominee to run the White House budget office, former GOP Rep. Jim Nussle, appears a long shot to win confirmation before the Senate's summer break.

The Senate Budget Committee approved his nomination by a 22-1 vote Thursday, but one committee member, Sen. Bernard Sanders, said he would hold up the nomination. Sanders' threat of a filibuster is enough to delay action until September at the earliest.

``President Bush is completely out of touch with the economic realities facing working families,'' said Sanders, a Vermont independent. ``He needs a budget director who will make him face the facts, not his fantasies.''
Look what happened when it became obvious that Dems would fight another "yes-man" SecDef. Bush was forced to nominate someone halfway competent. More of the same can't be a bad idea.

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