Friday, August 03, 2007

Russian Navy Plans Return To Med

By Cernig

Following hard on their attempts to annex the Arctic seabed, the Russians seem to want to return a permanent naval presence to the Mediterranian Sea.

The head of the navy, Admiral Vladimir Masorin, said yesterday that "The Mediterranean Sea is very important strategically for the Black Sea fleet...I propose that, with the involvement of the Northern and Baltic fleets, the Russian Navy should restore its permanent presence there."

They haven't had a permanent presence in the area since the old Cold war days of the 90's and most likely base is their old Soviet one in Syria. Reently, Russia has withdrawn from a conventional arms treaty in Europe and is threatening withdrawal from the Intermediate Nuclear Arms treaty.

Question - how much of all this militaristic manouvering is about Russia simply feeling expansionist and how much is reaction due to a genuine view of Bush's America as being itself dangerously militaristic and expansionist? There could well be a lot at stake on getting the right answer.

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