Thursday, August 02, 2007

Righty Ragers rave on

By Libby

The New Republic posts an update to their much disputed story. I would have written a followup myself on this post about the mighty right wing outrage corps' vendetta against private citizen and soldier serving in the war they're cheerleading for, Scott Beauchamp, But John Cole has it well covered.

LOL. Having served as judge, jury, and executioneer after deeming everything Beauchamp said as a lie, The Sundries Shack claims that they are merely waiting for the investigation to finish. You see, that is how it works- first you deny, then you smear, then you have a linkfest attacking the person, then you shift the goalposts on your accusations, then you smear some more, AND THEN you investigate.

BTW- How is that investigation going? Have you deep thinkers done any more sand table exercises to determine if it is possible to run over a dog with a track vehicle? Inquiring minds want to know.

That's a just one of the many highlights John has collected from the excusosphere of denial. They were wrong again, but on the bright side, they just pilloried another ordinary guy with absolutely no power over the political process, put him through hell and probably cost him his job -- if not worse. Why I'm almost as proud of them as when they got the CNN phone clerk fired for losing his patience with incessant calls about the 3 second X over Cheney's face in a newscast.

Vive la Righty Ragers. Keeping America safe from Americans. One victim at a time.

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