Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Getting Old(er)

Earlier this week, the following e-mail went out through my circle of friends:

It's our last chance folks: at Fester's suggestion, we have to hit Mad
Mex before the kiddies come back. Monday (8/20) just in time for the
9:00 big assed Margarita deal.

Mmmm... burritos.


So we went out last night, every one came to a quasi-full bar where we paid full price for food and each had a single margarita. And we did all of this to avoid the crush of college kids coming back despite the fact that my wife, and I are no older than the vast majority of first year graduate students and the rest of our friends are in the grad student demographic also.... A single cheap, strong drink and student avoidance... wow, I am getting older.

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