Monday, August 27, 2007

Drug Dealing Connections

By Cernig

Do you think maybe there's a connection between:

a) Afghan opium poppy cultivation has exploded to a new record high this year.


b) Afghanistan's anti-corruption chief once sold heroin in Las Vegas.


Althought anti-corruption tsar Izzatullah Wasifi, who once tried to sell $2 million worth of smack to an undercover Vegas detective, did have this to say in his defense:
I was a youngster and youngsters do stuff," he said with a shrug during an interview at his modest Kabul office. "Stuff like gambling, drugs" - he rubbed a finger against his nose and sniffed - "and girls. I was a Las Vegas boy."

..."I have paid the price"..."Even George Bush has a record,"..."He was arrested, same shit as me. There's no difference between him and me."
Oh well then, that's OK, a drink-driving conviction and a $2 million drug bust - all the same - sorry to have questioned your honesty...carry on corruptly. (Which Mr Wasafi has done for five months now, since news of his past first surfaced.)

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