Friday, August 24, 2007

China Missing Uranium

By Cernig

Nasdaq are repeating a wire story by RTT News that says 17 pounds of uranium with weapons-making potential has gone missing in China. Seemingly a uranium mine owner got ahold of the metal somehow and offered it on the black market at a price of $204,000 ($12,000 per pound). "The defendants testified in court that they did not know where the uranium was because it had been moved around so much between potential buyers."

If that uranium ends up being part of a dirty bomb or even a full-blown nuclear weapon in the US, put together by some rabidly insane group of terrorists, will proponents of "extended deterrence' be yelling for the US to nuke Beijing?

Of course they won't - which proves what a damn dumb, hawkish, idea "extended deterrence" is to begin with.

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