Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Buck Rodgers And The Islamofascists!

By Cernig

By now, everyone except John Hindraker and the bag lady under the local underpass has worked out that John McCain has lost his marbles. And the bag lady thinks the Illuminati are using Roswell UFO mind machines to control her kitty.

But today Josh marshall goes to town on McCain's latest pronouncement in fine style:
McCain said that the fight against militant Islam is the calling or fight of our generation, or something to that effect -- and of course that's a quite subjective statement so he can say whatever he wants.

Then he says, though, that this is a fight that will be with us for the rest of this century. To quote the man, "I also firmly believe that the challenge of the 21st century is the struggle against radical Islamic extremism. It is a transcendent issue. It is hydra-headed. It will be with us for the rest of the century."

Now, think about that. That's ninety-three years

...I know we customarily give a rather wide berth to rhetorical excess in the theater of politics. But what on earth is McCain talking about? Not long ago it was enough to sate the historical vanity of the War on Terror mongers to dub it a 'long war' or 'generational struggle', which it may well be. But apparently even that is now insufficient. Only an entire century will do. It is almost as if as the concept in the real-world present looks more and more ill-judged and foolhardy its credentials must be buffed up by giving it more and more ridiculous lifespans ranging off into the unknowable future.
I bet Hindrocket still thinks McCain is the Lincoln of our time, though. Because Lincoln thought the Civil War would still be being fought come the 1910's*.

*According to conservative revisionist historians

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