Thursday, August 02, 2007

The boys in the bubble

By Libby

I don't watch much TV, especially what passes for news on the cable stations. It invariably pisses me off and my blood pressure is bad enough already without heaping on additional stress but I was clicking through the other night and happened upon Glenn Beck. I've seen a lot of references to his idiocy in Blogtopia so I thought I'd watch and see what the complaints are about.

Within ten minutes I feel rather validated in my decision to stop watching CNN. It's simply not the station it was when Ted Turner started it. It's quite sad to witness how utterly it failed its early promise to be a unfiltered source of news. I'm watching Beck and thinking, "How did this nutcase get a program of his own?" This isn't news, it's not even punditry. It's the video version of the National Enquirer.

Having read Steve Benen's post, I guess I at least have an answer to that question. Clearly Beck gets a show because he's invited to lunch with the president. I guess that explains Beck's content -- or lack thereof -- as well. You can't criticize inane White House policy and get invited to private a tete-a-tete with the Idiot-in Chief.

Little wonder the average Jake is so uninformed when our "watchdog" press are merely overfed lapdogs for those they purport to cover. It's become more cover-up than coverage.

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