Monday, July 30, 2007

You can't wear that

By Libby

You're on vacation. In August. In DC. So what's in your suitcase? Well, if you're planning to take a tour of the White House, it had better be a business suit. Bush has instituted a new strict dress code that covers all visitors and staff members, including tourists.
The forbidden items include jeans, sneakers, mini-skirts, t-shirts, tank tops and absolutely no flip flops.

The motivation for the clothing crack-down comes from the Bush Administration who think some of those who work there and those who visit just don't dress appropriately.

Needless to say, "Some tourists are finding the strict clothing restrictions at the White House un-American." [See the video at the link.]

Meanwhile, I'm wondering if this means the Bush twins aren't allowed to come home anymore. I couldn't fail to recall this interview done during the 04 election season.
The girls, who call each other "Sister," are having fun rifling through the racks, approving or nixing each other's choices, but then they get to a flotilla of enormous debutante-style ball gowns. This is clearly not their preferred look—both arrived in skinny jeans and little tops;

Jenna says her school uniform consisted of flip-flops, jeans, and C & C T-shirts.

Maybe they dress better now that they're "grown-ups" but in any event, perhaps someone should remind our Reckless Leader that he doesn't own the White House. We do. He's just a temporary guest who has long overstayed his welcome.

There were a couple of other little gems of information that I discovered when I reread the piece. In light of the current flap over outside email accounts and the reports that George 43 doesn't do email, I thought this was interesting.
Bush 41 writes the girls "very, very sweet letters," Barbara reports, "and now he's into E-mail." Their grandfather has one complaint: "It takes them a month to answer. They're very naughty girls."

And remembering the rumors that circulated about Laura Bush's youthful drug dealing, one can't help but be entertained by this little anecdote.
Both twins remain highly amused that just after the sixth grade, when they were off at camp, she responded to their request for music by sending them Bob Dylan's At Budokan. "All our friends were like 'What is that?' " The future first lady also took the girls to see Dylan in concert twice, and to a stop on Paul Simon's "Graceland" tour when they were only in the first grade. While still finding such things wildly funny, these days they appreciate their mom's musical taste. "Her record collection is awesome," says Jenna. "She's got Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley. When we have parties at the ranch, we play them and all our friends love it."

Gee, I thought only us dirty hippies hung onto our old reggae albums.

[h/t David D]

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