Monday, July 02, 2007

The World's Greatest Nuclear Proliferator

By Cernig

While the Cheneyites are all yelling about Iran, a U.S. ally has put the world's greatest ever nuclear proliferator back on the streets with a pardon from the dictator, immunity from U.S. intelligence and a set of bodyguards. Blogger emptywheel, writing at The Next Hurrah, asks the obvious.
Does it bother anyone that--at a time when Pakistan's Interior Ministry is raising concerns about the Taliban taking over significant chunks of Pakistan, the father of Pakistan's nuke program is on the loose?

...It just seems to me that the conjunction of these two events--Al Qaeda's state ally taking over Pakistan at the same time as Pakistan's chief nuclear proliferator goes free--that would raise the concerns of the same people who brought us to war against Iraq because of Saddam's phantom nukes and phantom ties to Al Qaeda.

But apparently Dick Cheney (and the non-experts he's got in charge of our Pakistan policy) has it all under control, and we don't have to worry about countries that could give Al Qaeda nukes anymore. Gosh, that's a relief.
Isn't it just, though?

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