Tuesday, July 24, 2007

PA-18 Dem Candidate??

I was perusing this interesting Congressional Quarterly analysis of partisan loyalty of the House members, and besides noting the joys of being able to set the agenda and wedge vulnerable GOP candidates, something else jumped out at me.

15. Tim Murphy, Pennsylvania’s 18th (72.7 percent). Democrats last year did not vigorously challenge Murphy, who was first elected in 2002 to a southwestern Pennsylvania district that was drawn by state GOP legislators to elect a Republican. The Democrats claim that the district (54 percent for Bush in 2004) can be captured in 2008, though: Their candidate is Bethany Hafer, a vice president at a consulting firm headed by her mother, former Pennsylvania Treasurer Barbara Hafer. [emphasis mine]

Before I continue, I need to disclose that I was Tom Kovach's netroots outreach coordinator for the PA-18 2006 Democratic primary election campaign. I met Tom at an outreach event and was very impressed with his principles, presence and decision processes. We lost the primary, but it was a good campaign to work for. I am also convinced that an energetic, grassroots Democrat who is wililng to be very aggressive in drawing a sharp distinction between themselves and Rep. Murphy has a very good chance of carrying the district. [/disclosure]

I have been trying to keep my ear to the ground on PA-18 out of personal interest and I have not heard a thing that Bethany Hafer was officially stepping into the race. I know during the 2006 cycle Barbara Hafer was being aggressively recruited by a couple of local heavyweights and on much lighter sourcing grounds now, the DCCC, to make a run at Rep. Murphy. I had heard she declined because she has her sites for the Spector seat AND also because her consulting business was just getting off the ground.

So what do people know about Bethany Hafer? I don't know much yet.

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