Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Jerusalem Palace For Tony

By Cernig

I wonder who will foot the bill for this?
TONY BLAIR is expected to inspect a prospective new home - known locally as a palace - when he travels to Jerusalem tomorrow on his first trip to the Middle East as a peace envoy.

He is said to be keen to take over the one-time residence of the British High Commissioner for Palestine, with its ballroom and spectacular view of the golden dome of Al-Aqsa mosque.

The house, built of Jerusalem stone in 1931, was once the pride of British diplomacy and occupies a commanding position in West Jerusalem on the inauspiciously named Hill of Evil Counsel, where Judas is said to have negotiated his betrayal of Jesus. It has acres of lush gardens filled with delphiniums, roses and trees. After the British mandate ended in 1948, it was taken over by the United Nations.
A palace... despite the fact that Two-faced Tony has exactly zero power except as a messenger-boy for Bush and Rice. What a self-aggrandizing twerp he turned out to be.

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