Monday, July 16, 2007

Irony, thy name is George W. Bush

by shamanic


Incidentally, I just went to trying to find any reaction to the progress we've made in getting North Korea to shut down its nuclear facility. I didn't see any.

Shouldn't a White House that is widely considered incompetent shout from the rooftop the fact that, through diplomacy alone, it changed the game and is now working with an enemy state to end that state's nuclearization? Isn't that a major, if fragile, victory?

Today's press briefing isn't on the page yet, but I didn't see a single mention of North Korea.

I did see this though: George Bush, in a photo op with the president of Poland (I didn't forget them), says "War is never popular." Really? Looks like it was pretty popular back in 2003. 69% of Americans approved of Bush's handling of Iraq in early May of that year. Bush and his party ran the 2002 midterm election on a "we're gonna blow shit up" platform, winning decisively. It's not that war is never popular. Americans are perfectly willing to support wars we deem just. What's unpopular is losing a war, which Bush seems to have for us twice now.

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