Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hey man, this stuff is so much stronger now

Every year, the government comes out and says that this year's crop of marijuana is stronger, purer and nastier than our parents' generation of weed. This has been a standard trope since the 1920s with the first major drug laws, and it will continue to be a standard trope. And it is an easily adaptable trope as the Angry Drunk Bureaucrat is intensely covering the big Pittsburgh City Council brouhaha concerning cat licensing:

Council President Shields countered that there's "a much lower level of concern" about cats than dogs, because the latter can cause injury.

Ms. Carlisle said that's an outdated perception. "That was yesteryear," she said. "In 2007, cats are more aggressive than they used to be."[quote from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette]

The indicted member of council is arguing that cats are just like weed --- and we wonder why the city is functionally bankrupt.

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