Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Habeas Razor's Edge

By Cernig

Christy Hardin Smith says that the margin on a Senate vote to restore habeas corpus rights for detainees is still razor thin and is urging everyone to put pressure on undecided Senators. There's even a couple of Dems on that undecideds list.

I mean, wtf? Habeas corpus for everyone has been a basic concept of civilized law since the Magna Carta. Anyone who votes against its restoration is exposing themselves as a barbaric thug with a totalitarian mindset to the entire world, IMHO - just as everyone who was in favor of its suspension in the first place did.

This vote shouldn't even be close, in an acceptable version of America. It should be unanimously for restoration - not just of a basic concept of civilization but of America's claim to be the shining land of freedom. But in an America where the Senate can vote unanimously to hand political cover to the White House for a war of choice on Iran...

We should be watching carefully to see how Senators vote. And asking hard questions of anyone who supports Bush's vision of a barbaric America.

Update Andrew Sullivan puts his finger on the over-arching problem today:
If Giuliani is elected, I don't think the Constitution will survive another terror attack. It's really that simple.
Or Thompson, or Romney, or pretty much the whole current GOP leadership and their enabling cheerleaders.

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