Saturday, July 07, 2007

Fall 98 v. Now on Impeachment

Via Andrew Sullivan:

If this new poll is accurate, it looks to me as if more Americans now want to impeach Bush than ever wanted to impeach Clinton.

As I stated yesterday, I believe that President Bush has committed numerous acts that under a fully functioning political system would rise to the level of "high crimes or misdemeanors." I also do not think that there is any chance in hell of the Democrats being able to cobble together sixty seven votes. And unless there is a strong probability of conviction, I am not a big fan of de facto authorizing the acts of George W. Bush as legitimate political moves.

I'll support anyone who can make a strong argument that there are sixty plus votes right now with ten or more swingable votes that will swing once more information is revealed in the Senate. I'll be even more enthusiastic for any group that can create a supermajority of public opinion in favor of impeachment, but I just do not see the votes there.

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