Thursday, July 05, 2007

Don't Mention The Oil!

By Cernig

The Australian Defense Minister's started a bit of a stushie in the Antipodes by admitting that safeguarding oil resources for the West was a factor in invading Iraq - and has been quickly followed by the Aussie P.M. saying that of course oil (or even oil money) wasn't a factor. Mind you, neither were WMD's according to John Howard, it was all about democracy.

I assume, then, that Mr. Howard is just fine with the continual delays in passing an oil law that are giving the Busheviks such apoplexy and are a continual feature of their demands on the Iraqis. That oil law isn't going too well - but after all the democractic debate that is delaying its passage is why we're in Iraq, right? So Dubya and his crew should just STFU and enjoy the democracy they say they always wanted.

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